Delve into Wales is a newly created travel blog specialising in Wales by David Angel & Faye Haines.   David has been producing world class destination photography for 20 years across the globe, and had countless images published worldwide. His images have been used in national newspapers such as the Guardian, the Observer, the Independent, the Times, the BBC, in tourism brochures, on billboards, by national tourism bodies and television.

For 14 years, David worked as commissioning editor and art director for Visit Wales, managing and directing around 1,200 photographic and film shoots during this time, for Visit Wales and many partner tourism organisations. The results produced formed the visual basis of all Visit Wales campaigns and publications throughout this period.   He comes with a unique perspective and understanding of a client’s requirements and the tourism industry. Additionally, he has built up vast ground knowledge of Wales, its history and culture.

David has also had many travel features published worldwide. A small selection of his written and photography credits is included below.  He has developed a unique skill set, combining high quality writing, photography and tourism destination marketing,  and he produces all the content you see on this site.


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